Reviewing The 10 Best Free Online AI Photo Editors For Your Creative Journey

Photography involves not only capturing pictures but also nurturing your creative instincts by editing those images to perfection. Gratefully, AI photo editors available on the internet today can ease this task, offering a blend of artificial intelligence and machine learning-enhanced features to elevate your photography game. The best part, they are free to use! Without further ado, let's dive into the top 10 free online AI photo editors and how they redefine digital photo editing.

1. Prisma

Prisma takes the first spot due to its unique approach to photo editing. Unlike traditional editors, Prisma turns your pictures into paintings, drawing inspiration from famous artists like Picasso and Munch. Its AI factor comprehends the image elements, applies various filters, and transforms every detail into an art piece uniquely. The free version offers a distinctive collection of over 250 art styles and an unparalleled user experience.

2. DeepArt

Another AI editor that converts mundane snapshots into moving art is DeepArt. You can create high-end pictures with an artistic touch within three simple steps. Choose the desired photo, select the style from a gallery, and let the AI do the rest. The outcome is a stunning piece of personalized artwork. For those who wish to enhance their photos aesthetically, DeepArt is worth a try.


3. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a powerful photo editor with an AI twist that takes high-quality picture editing to a new level. It provides easy-to-use tools to edit landscapes, portraits, and much more. Luminar's AI Sky Replacement tool, which allows users to swap the background of their photos with a click, is particularly noteworthy. It's an excellent choice for those seeking professional results even with minimal editing knowledge.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express brings the power of Adobe's robust photo editing features online for free. With user-friendly interfaces, it allows even beginners to perform quick editing like cropping, straightening, rotating, and flipping photos. It also integrates AI features like auto-fix to balance colors and Spot Healing to remove spots instantly. Photoshop Express also supports RAW photo editing, adding to its appeal for advanced users.

5. Fotor

Fotor is a one-stop solution for all your photo editing needs. It uses AI technology to enhance photos beautifully via its one-tap enhance feature. Besides standard editing tools, it offers an HDR effect for your landscape and portrait photos. There are also thematic templates for social media graphics, making Fotor a perfect choice for digital marketing enthusiasts and content creators.

Fotor is a one-stop solution for all your photo editing needs

6. Photolemur 3

Photolemur 3 uses AI to analyze the different aspects of your images and applies the necessary corrections. From fixing colors and lighting to removing imperfections, it takes care of everything with just a single click. It's a fantastic tool for those who don't have the time or knowledge to edit their photos but still want stunning results.

7. PinkMirror

Dedicated to portrait retouching, PinkMirror assists you in making your selfies alluring. From reducing wrinkles to whitening teeth and even slimming faces, the AI software behind this app takes care of it all. Thus, it's a must-have tool for anyone who wants to post perfect selfies on their social media platforms.

8. Canva

While Canva is not purely a photo editor, it employs AI in its Design Suggestions feature. This tool suggests layouts depending on the elements present in your design, minimizing the time you spend figuring out the perfect composition. With a plethora of templates and design elements, Canva is an excellent option for content creators and social media marketers.


9. Photomind

Photomind is an online AI photo editor that focuses on the restoration of old photos. Its advanced AI can colorize black-and-white photos, enhance low-quality images, and even restore seriously damaged photos. It's like a time machine that brings your old, faded memories back to life.


Last but not least, PIQTURE is an AI-driven online photo editor that makes your photos speak. It enhances every detail and adds a perfect finishing touch. With its easy-to-use interface and remarkable features, PIQTURE improves the quality of your photos with ease, creating professional-looking images even from mobile shots.

Each of these online AI photo editors has its unique flare and set of features. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for any of the above-listed platforms and start crafting photos that truly stand out. Happy editing!