Netflix is a well-known video streaming app, popular around the globe. The app offers multiple TV shows and movies. The app provides original content. After you pay for a monthly subscription, you receive unlimited access to everything that Netflix offers. The app is available for Android mobile platform as well.


Netflix app offers one of the best award-winning TV shows. The mobile app contains various features that you may find beneficial. The services that Netflix offer for Android owners:

  • Movies and TV shows with the most popular actors and actresses. The company constantly updates the content and provides you with a new series almost every day;
  • There is a convenient searching feature that allows you to find your favorite TV shows in no time, right from your phone;
  • Don’t forget to put likes to the shows and movies you loved. The more you watch, the better Netflix understands your preferences. You will receive suggestions based on your tastes, so you don’t have to search in its gigantic catalog for hours;
  • You can actually share your monthly subscription via 5 different profiles, so all your family members could have access to the Netflix;
  • There is a family-friendly content that can be watched with kids;
  • You may receive notifications from the app whenever the new series of the show you love appears.


Netflix is the app with thousands of TV shows and movies. But it still one of the easiest streaming apps to use. Despite the fact that it is overloaded by the content, everything in the app is well-organized. All the important instruments are right in front of users. They will see the tools on the bar. You may place the movies and shows that are placed in the order that you choose. This is how you will not miss anything. If you are watching one show but then have to close it, Netflix remembers it and allows you to watch from the same place you’ve left before.


Netflix has a truly amazing design. The design of the app is quite unique and quickly recognizable by anyone, no matter whether they use Netflix or not. The app is made in black, white, and red colors, which became iconic. To check out all the movies that are available to watch, you may simply swipe right and left or scroll up and down. Check out the categories, you may find your favorite and would not have to search across all the content. Tap the show or movie you like. You will see the brief description, so you will be able to understand what to expect from it.

Grade 5/5

Netflix app is downloaded by over 500 million people on the Android phone. The app is extremely popular around the world. It offers its own TV shows and award-winning movies. You pay for a month and receive access to all the content that Netflix releases. The app is convenient to use and does not require extra knowledge from users. You may share the app with 5 other users.


  • Stylish design
  • Multiple TV shows and movies
  • Original content
  • User-friendly interface


  • Requires payment for the subscription
  • It requires an Internet connection

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