Gacha Nox

In the realm of role-playing games, creator noxula brings Gacha Nox, a standalone mod. Built upon the fabulous game Gacha Club, this version boasts similar aesthetics and gameplay but includes a wealth of unique additions.

Revisiting a Familiar World

Gacha Nox's familiarity with visuals and gameplay will be welcomed by Gacha fans near and far. It connects right away since it reflects Gacha Club, the original model. Yet, it goes above and beyond with the tweaks it introduces. Wonderfully, it tackles some of the lingering glitches left by the predecessor. 

Revamped Content to Enhance Your Gameplay

In contents, Gacha Nox shines in its beauty and distinction. A surplus of over 300 versatile assets is yours to adorn, deck, and roam around in. Change into new costumes, hairstyles, and accessories, or adopt a pet. The backgrounds and foregrounds come revamped, offering a new depth to your play-act. Some background designs bring unique special effects to the display.

Adding Depth to the Classic

Gacha Nox, while holding its uniqueness, still respects the originality of Gacha Club. It adds to the sum than replacing anything from the primitive. Although minor. optimization bugs persist, such as occasional slackening, especially during detailed animations; overall, the gameplay smoothly transits. Best of all, no content tip-toes behind advertisements or pay-to-access zones.

Conclusion: A Beaming Mod in the Gacha Galaxy

Gacha Nox is a real game-changer for Gacha Club fans worldwide. It not only improves the aesthetic appeal with its soft, warm pink visual theme but also adds more depth with its wealth of customizable assets. Gacha Nox is indeed an excellent addition to the Lunime mod collection.


  • Standalone mod that requires no base game installation
  • Over 300 assets available for customization
  • Unique user interface lends a fresh feel to the game
  • No content is hidden behind pay-to-access walls or ads.


  • Experiences occasional slowing down during detailed animations
  • Some optimization bugs persist
  • Not yet available on iOS devices.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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