Epic Games continues to develop and improve its "battle royale," which is in demand among the public. Let's take a look at what Chapter 2 of Season 6 adds to Fortnite. Once again, Epic Games has made a bet on adding a variety of content. The main innovation of the global event "Wild Times" is the appearance of the story quest "Epicenter".
In the mission, the protagonist controls Agent Jones, with the finale changing the entire in-game reality. We get a great job by the Fortnite Live team working to improve Battle Royale and rapidly rolling out interesting updates. In the story, there is a conflict between the Founder (a reference to "The Matrix"?) and the Agents.
A strange power source appears on the map in the central part of the island, where exclusive types of buildings suddenly appear. Plus there are watchtowers protected by a force field. What? Where from? Why? That leaves ample food for thought for anyone who wants maximum immersion in this amazing setting.
An interesting gameplay feature was not only the selection of equipment scattered around the area, but also the crafting of items. Hunting has also been added, allowing you to find and take out chickens, wolves, and other animals. This will allow you to craft unique weapons, collect bows, etc. Funny? Quite an original solution.
By the end of the seasonal activities will appear additional improvements and gadgets that allow you to organize an ambush, improve the guns and get additional gameplay features. Among the characters gamers noticed Neymar (a famous soccer player), characters from DC Comics and even Lara Croft. Share your opinions on the game and the added innovations in the comments.
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