Apple Innovative Technique for Updating iPhones Even in Packaging

In a phenomenal advancement, Apple has developed a method to update its iPhones whilst still being enclosed in its packaging. To recall, customers needed to install updates promptly after unveiling their brand-new iPhones. Now, Apple seemingly has discovered an efficient way to maintain the iPhone on the latest iOS software version, all while keeping the device dormant in its packaging. This innovation reflects Apple's remarkable ability to update an iPhone still shrouded inside its sealed retail box.

This means that Apple can now wirelessly update an iPhone to the freshest iOS version, even when it remains in its sealed retail packaging. Apple places considerable emphasis on ensuring that its devices are updated to the latest firmware. It discontinues signing older iOS versions to discourage users from reverting back to antiquated updates. Therefore, Apple has constructed a system to update the iPhone within its packaging, aiming to furnish users with the latest features and security enhancements.

In the past, when jailbreaking iPhones was a trend, people searched for box-sealed, older iPhone models that ran on dated iOS versions. This was because Apple regularly systematizes a patch for an exploit when a jailbreak is launched. If there had been an analogous mechanism to update the iPhone while boxed, finding an iPhone running on older iOS versions would have been challenging.

The information came to light via Mark Gurman's recent Power On newsletter, which indicated that Apple possesses a system for iPhone updates without needing the device to be activated while still enclosed in its box. To accomplish this, Apple has equipped its stores with a "pad-like device". Apple store employees can use this special pad to update an iPhone that is yet in its sealed box. By merely placing the boxed iPhone on this pad, it triggers the system, which updates the iPhone before turning it off again.

This new iPhone updating procedure enables consumers to have a blemish-free experience, negating bugs and problems typically associated with initial iOS releases. For instance, the iOS 17 update brought in a huge upgrade but was accompanied by a few issues, such as the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro. Currently, this system is exclusive to iPhones, but it might eventually be offered for other products. The report further suggests that customers can avail of this system in Apple Stores before the end of 2023.