Master the Art of Obtaining the Hylian Shield in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, obtaining the iconic Hylian Shield is a sought-after goal for many players. This guide outlines the steps to acquire the immensely powerful shield for Link in this exciting new game.

Essential Items for the Journey

Essential Items for the Journey

To embark on this quest and secure the Hylian Shield, players must first ensure that they have the following items:

  • Paraglider: An indispensable item for this journey, the paraglider allows players to reach Hyrule Castle through the safest route.
  • Stamina Replenishing Food/Potions: To make it through this challenging quest, players must gather and prepare food and potions that boost stamina. Some ingredients to consider include Stamella Shroom, Endura Carrots, Staminoka Bass, and Stambulb.
  • Complete Wind Temple: Although not mandatory, completing the Wind Temple and seeking help from the Sage of Wind can prove to be immensely helpful. Players can acquire the Vow of Tulin by completing Rito missions in the "Regional Phenomena" main quest.

Proceed to Lookout Landing Skyview Tower

The journey to obtain the Hylian Shield begins at the tower in Lookout Landing. It provides an ideal starting position for players to glide toward Hyrule Castle. However, it's crucial to use Serutabomac Shrine as a fast-travel point for safety and convenience.

Landing at Serutabomac Shrine

This shrine is situated on the northeast side of the castle and serves as a strategic fast-travel point. Reaching the shrine requires a significant amount of stamina, so players must ensure that they have an ample supply of stamina-boosting potions and meals.

Upon reaching the shrine, players can use it as a hub to make multiple attempts to jump to the Docks. The shrine is relatively easy to complete, thanks to Tears of the Kingdom's new Ascend ability. Registering a hand at the entry point is sufficient to unlock the fast-travel point.

Jumping to the Docks

Jumping to the Docks

From the shrine, navigate along the cliff's edge towards the west until encountering a cave. It's crucial not to enter the cave, as it is heavily guarded by powerful Horriblins. Instead, jump off the cliff right before the cave and glide towards the Docks, keeping an eye out for a clear break in the land (refer to the provided map for the exact location).

As players approach the water level, they will discover a cave that leads to the Docks. This is where the Vow of Tulin comes in handy, as it allows players to reach land swiftly. Navigating through this small cave requires precision and plenty of stamina.

Getting the Hylian Shield

Upon reaching the Docks' chamber, move from the two small braziers to the other end, where a large brazier awaits. Instead of taking steps, swim across the water and climb the wall to avoid facing any powerful enemies such as the Gloom Spawn (Gloom Hands).

Light the large brazier using a torch or fire-fused arrow, which will cause a small stone treasure chest to appear. The Hylian Shield can be found within this chest, one step closer to completing Link's legendary equipment collection.

Replacing a Lost or Broken Hylian Shield

Replacing a Lost or Broken Hylian Shield

Although the Hylian Shield boasts exceptional durability, it may eventually break or be lost during battles. However, players can easily replace it in Tears of the Kingdom. After completing a specific series of quests, a special merchant will become available to sell the Hylian Shield for 3,000 rupees.

To unlock this merchant, players must first locate Cece, Hateno Village's renowned fashion designer. Engaging with Cece and her sister, Sophie, will trigger a series of mayoral election quests. Complete these quests to gain access to Cece's shop, where players can repurchase the Hylian Shield as many times as needed.

Armed with this guide, players should now be well-equipped to embark on their journey to acquire the legendary Hylian Shield in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Good luck, and happy adventuring!