Embark on an Intergalactic Quest: Recruiting Opera and Ernest in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Welcome, fellow adventurers of the Star Ocean saga! Are you ready to expand your party with the inclusion of the dynamic duo Opera and Ernest? Let's embark on this intergalactic journey of recruitment with steps that ensure these two unique characters enhance your quest. Follow me closely, for the stars are aligned for an extraordinary addition to your team in Star Ocean: The Second Story R!

Pre-requisite: Choosing Your Path

Pre-requisite Choosing Your Path

Before we dive into the steps, remember that the choice between Opera and another character named Ashton is pivotal. You cannot have Ashton in your party if you wish to recruit Opera. The recruitment of Opera marks the first part of this two-step quest, with Ernest becoming recruitable shortly after. Choose wisely!

Step 1: Initiating Contact With Opera

Firstly, let's focus on adding Opera to your ranks. After the thrilling clash between Claude and Dias during the Armory Contest, you need to pay a visit to Hilton, where opportunities await in its rustic bar. Here, you'll encounter Opera, engaged in a competition that reveals her quest for an 'archeologist with three eyes' - a crucial hint towards Ernest.

Step 2: The King's Insight in Krosse City

With Opera's purpose in mind, navigate your way to Krosse City and seek an audience with the king in his grand castle. Sharing information about your encounter with the three-eyed man, the king will grant you access to the fabled Mountain Palace – the dwelling where your destiny intertwines with Opera.

Step 3: Confronting the Mountain Palace

Confronting the Mountain Palace

The Mountain Palace is not a stroll through fields of green; it's a perilous maze with beasts that test your mettle. Have your party leveled up for the confrontations ahead. Upon reaching the entrance, you will find Opera in a moment of determination. Join forces with her by expressing agreement to work together. This unity is your first triumph!

Step 4: Unraveling Ernest's Whereabouts

Opera is now part of your narrative, but her beloved Ernest is still missing. As you explore the depths of the Mountain Palace, you'll come across Ernest's secret lab on the Western front. Navigate through it, and you'll encounter a scene that sets the stage for Ernest's rescue.

Step 5: The Sacred Forest's Secret

With the lab's secrets unveiled, your trajectory leads you to the Sacred Forest in Arlia. Here, Opera's spaceship lies hidden, waiting to unveil its story through a poignant cutscene. Your patience will be tested, for it is after your next major quest with Leon in the Hoffman Ruins that a pivotal moment arises.

Step 6: The Encounter at Hoffman Ruins

The Encounter at Hoffman Ruins

Having emerged victorious with Leon, make your way back to the entrance of the Hoffman Ruins. It's here, in the echoes of your accomplishments, that you'll finally meet Ernest - though not in the best circumstances, as a specter lays its claim on him. Release Ernest from this unwelcome grasp through a display of your party's strength.

Step 7: The Emotional Reunion

With the battle behind you, witness the heartfelt reunion between Opera and Ernest. In the aftermath, welcome Ernest into the heart of your party by offering to continue the journey together. With this gesture, not only do you gain two valiant companions, but you also get to commemorate this moment with trophies representing their fellowship.

There you have it, noble voyagers. You've navigated through the stars and secured Opera and Ernest's prowess for your gallant assembly. Armed with the knowledge imparted, the universe of Star Ocean: The Second Story R now holds new friends, new challenges, and untold stories waiting for you to write them.