Would You Rather? The Game

Would You Rather is a clever trivia game, filled with sensitive, bizarre, ludicrous and thorny questions. There are only two answers to choose from, and quite often the game may lead to a hilarious result or even a revelation about the people you thought you knew so well. Download Would You Rather and make your friends nervously laugh and sweat.

Visuals and Sound 6.5/10 

In terms of graphics, Would You Rather is perfectly ascetic. Its design is simple, clean and a little unimaginative. When you're asked another question, the screen will be divided in two parts: blue (top) and red (down). Either part will contain an option to pick and that's it. Maybe it looks barren and bleak, but it works.

Maybe there's nothing to feast your eyes upon in this game. But it's just a casual trivia, not a mobile port of Crysis 2. The only pesky detail that may poison your sense of aesthetics is the overabundance of ads. Pop-ups, banners and other parasitic life forms will crawl under your screen every 2-3 minutes.

Controls 10/10

Answering, skipping and asking for a new question is done through tapping and swiping. Would You Rather is the farthest thing from being a brainer, when it comes to controlling it. Which is good: it is the job of its gameplay.

Plot and Gameplay 8/10

WYR's core idea is to present to a player a dilemma with only two possible outcome scenarios. It may sound primitive, but don't get judgmental too quickly. Meanwhile, some of WYR's questions are asinine and idiotic; others can turn out to be deep and thought-provoking. For example: Would you rather be a poor person with perfect eye-sight or rich, but blind?

Would you stay on Earth or get a chance to walk on the Moon once, staying there forever afterwards?

Meanwhile, other dilemmas are purely asinine: Would you have a cat or two cats? Would you kiss a goat or eat laxative? And of course don't forget about provocative questions: Would you rather be cheated on or cheat yourself? Would you be a good nephew to inherit a part of your uncle's fortune or poison him to get all of it?

Although Would You Rather rapidly becomes repetitive, after 15-20 minutes or so, it's still a good game for social events. In particular, if you're eager to know people around you better.

Is it worth replaying? 6.5/10

Let's be honest: Would You Rather isn't that type of game, on icon of which you'll tap whenever you have a spare minute. At the same time, it can get very interesting and intriguing when you share it with other people. Besides you can come up with your own delicate and tricky questions, adding them to the app's catalog.

Bottom Line

Would You Rather is a quirky and funny game, which sometimes may get pretty clever and deep. Test yourself and your friends with its humorous and controversial questions. And who knows, maybe you'll discover something new about them. Something that you would never suspect to be a part of their personality.



  • Inventive questions
  • +18 category
  • Original questions can be submitted
  • Good for parties/game nights


  • Bland visual design
  • Overloaded with ads
  • Repetitiveness
  • No Hardcore category
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Would You Rather? The Game Would You Rather? The Game

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