Wordscapes is a mobile puzzle game, in which your objective is to guess words. However, it's not even close to being a crossword and has the unique approach to testing your vocabulary and memory. Add to this competitive element, picturesque backgrounds, absence of some pesky limitations and voila: your new favorite time-killer/brain trainer is born.

Visuals and Sound  8.5/10

Wordscapes deserves the title of the "tranquillest" game on Google Play. The reason for that is that once you launch it, you'll be immersed in some intoxicatingly peaceful trance. You won't want to leave ever aging. Its interface consists of just a few elements:

  • Picturesque view of a landscape.
  • Grey circle with letters inside.
  • Tiles to be filled with words to guess.

Indeed simplicity is the sister of beauty! And while you'll get busy guessing another word, a mellow soundtrack will caress your eardrums, scaring away unnecessary thoughts, stress and negativity. We recommend having a checkered plaid and a mug of hot cocoa as accompanying items. 

Controls  10/10

Wordscapes doesn't dictate it’s own game tempo. You are the only boss, king and tyrant here. Therefore hasty moves/gestures aren't needed at all: word scribbling and letter reshuffling are done through finger-gliding and tapping. That is all you need, which only helps the game be more peaceful and relaxing.

Plot and Gameplay 9.5/10

Wordscapes is a mobile game favored by every vocabulary maniac there is. And for a good reason: you're challenged to beat more than 800 puzzles by guessing units of language. It looks like this: a circle, containing some letters appears on the screen. Your priority is to compose words, using only these letters.
In the beginning, Wordscapes shows mercy — four letters and three words. But as you mutate from a rookie to a dictionary ace, the challenge grows. Don't be alarmed though: the game doesn't feature very rare words or rocket-science terminology. No tesseract, depolarizability or Eyjafjallajökull and other monsters won't sabotage your play. You'll deal with words everybody knows, but it doesn't make the objective any simpler.

Quite often people get stuck in some levels in the middle of Wordscapes. In such case, the Hint button may be handy. Alas, the hints are limited, and you'll have to insert a coin once they are depleted.

Is it worth replaying? 9/10

Absolutely: there are thousands of levels to fight through. And your only weaponry will be patience and memory. This is why it is recommended to anyone, who wants to exercise their brains and be entertained at the same time. With all that said, downloading Wordscapes is a marvelous, $0 price investment.

Bottom Line

Wordscapes will keep your memory and brain sharp and help you relax after a busy day. Peaceful gameplay, gorgeous scenery and calm tempo make it a good anti-stress remedy. So begin your glossary hunt and conquer the word with Wordscapes!



  • Unlimited letter-reshuffling
  • Bonuses to win
  • Good for cognitive skills
  • Relaxing
  • Facebook synchronization


  • Plenty of ads
  • Limited hints
  • Static scenery
Graphics and Sound
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