Wordfeud Free

Wordfeud is a great word game where you can participate in up to 30 games at once. It lets you play words against millions of other players around the world, solve puzzles and build your grammar. 

Essence of Wordfeud - 4.5/5

Wordfeud is a free game that allows you to match words and play against opponents worldwide. There are millions of random players, and you can challenge whoever you want. The game has an active chat system where you can small talk with your opponent. When you first start the game, it lets you choose which dictionary you want to use to correct your words. You can invite a friend either by email, username or from your phone contacts, or play with a random opponent. 

You can set your words and play them or clear them from the board. You can also choose to shuffle your words if you can’t quite make a match, although you can only do this once. The game is played in real time, adding an element of excitement. 

Graphics and Audio - 4/5

The game is straightforward in its gameplay and design. The gameboard is simple, and the menus are even simpler. The lack of glossy aesthetics isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does take away from the visual appeal. The chat window is white font contrasted against a dark background, which works if you don’t have the best eyesight. There probably should be more board options just to keep things lively. 

Controls - 4/5

Once you identify a letter tile that you want to place, you tap on it and drag it to the desired slot on the board. The process is fairly intuitive once you play a couple of times. Once you place your letters, you can press the ‘Play’ tab at the bottom left of your screen. If you need to revise your selection, there’s a ‘Clear’ tab right next to the Play button. Since the size of the board doesn’t change, the controls don’t feel clunky or crowded. 

Immersion - 4/5

Wordfeud is a great game. You can play against friends or random opponents. You can chat with your opponents or even drop hints. Since this game doesn’t put pressure on you to play, you can close it whenever you need to, or just keep your opponent waiting until you have a solution. You can actively play dozens of games at the same time and mix up the board configurations to shake things up a bit. 

The Verdict 

What’s not to love about this game? It lets players battle each other innovatively through words and provides an easy way to catch up on your grammar. Visually it isn’t the most appealing game, and at times it’s the reason why you want to close it. But Wordfeud is something that you can always come back to, especially when your opponent chats you up. The social aspect is quite essential for this game.



  • Has social chat and invite features
  • Simple to adapt to and intuitive controls
  • A selection of dictionaries to choose from


  • It’s not the most appealing game visually
  • No difficulty modes.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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