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Dive into a world where your every decision shapes a unique narrative. The Sims 4, after a three-year wait, has finally made its move from PC to console. While the game is not without its shortcomings, it still manages to capture the magic of its PC predecessor.

Gameplay: Complexity in Simplicity

The Sims 4 offers an enticing blend of fun and frustration. With a balance of one-part aggravation to two-parts enjoyment, the game keeps you engrossed. It retains much of the original content, including the toddler phase and swimming pools, and more can be added through expansions and add-ons. However, the game does feel stripped back compared to its PC counterpart.

The challenge comes with the controls. The game has a complex interface with numerous menus, modes, and objects. The developers, Maxis, have made a commendable effort to adapt this to the console. However, the game still feels awkward to control. This becomes particularly evident in the popular Build Mode, where the precision required can be difficult to achieve with a console controller.

Graphics and features: Everything in Detail

The game shines in its attention to detail. From the vast range of animations covering every movement and activity to the different ways your Sims express emotion, the developers have put a lot of effort into enhancing the virtual life experience.

However, the game has taken a step back in terms of its neighborhoods. Unlike the open-world settings of The Sims 3, The Sims 4 offers smaller, busier areas linked by map screens. The neighborhoods feel less integrated and lack amenities, which detracts from the immersive experience.

Issues: A Few Bumps in the Road

The console version of the game has a few bugs. I encountered freezes, crashes, and UI issues. The game also failed to save progress on several occasions. This was particularly frustrating, given the game's price point. 

The Sims 4: A Unique Virtual Soap Opera

Despite its shortcomings, The Sims 4 holds its charm. It's a captivating life simulator where your Sims' lives and relationships continuously evolve. It's a compelling game that's easy to get lost in for hours. Although it doesn't have the scale of The Sims 3, it makes up for it with its intricate details.

The Sims 4 on Console - Room for Improvement

While The Sims 4 on console has its charm and intricate details, there are some areas that need improvement. Issues with controls and bugs mar the experience. However, if these can be addressed, the game has the potential to offer an engaging and immersive experience. As it stands, if you're interested in playing The Sims 4, the PC version remains the best choice.


  • The game is immersive and engaging
  • It boasts a high level of detail
  • The focus on emotions and relationships adds depth


  • The console controls can be awkward
  • The game has several bugs
  • The neighborhoods lack the depth and vibrancy of previous versions
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