Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

Scrabble is the mobile version of the eponymous hit-game, which has been around for generations. Fill the empty tiles with words, train your memory and abstract thinking, after hours spent at playing Scrabble. Download this splendid family game and get yourself a monster-like vocabulary!

Visuals and Sound 6.5/10

In terms of the audiovisual component, this jam of a game isn't the spiciest one. Scrabble looks and sounds quite bland, tame and smooth. Your field of operations is a classic board with blank, transparent tiles that are about to be filled with missing words. Letters you can improvise with are presented as small, square-shaped chunks of wood — just like in the analog game! And they make a nice little clicking sound as you tap on them.

Below there's a menu with golden buttons: Leave, Exchange, Shuffle, Recall and so on. Scrabble is all about simplicity and intuitiveness. Which in turn probably must leave some room for rich gameplay.

Controls 9/10

Controlling is quite easy: all manipulations can be done with a single finger. Scrabble is one of those games that require intense thinking, not hasty maneuvering.

Plot and Gameplay 7/10

Perhaps, Scrabble needs no introduction. But for those, who see this game for the first time — a brief explanation: this is a word-guessing game. There are bleak, vacant tiles to be filled with words in question. And you're given seven random letters that must be used to construct the words. Additionally, there are "premium" tiles on the board, that multiply the points you score: DW, TW, DL, TL. 

In case you're stuck and the letters you have seem to be pure rubbish — you can consult the dictionary or do a reshuffle in the menu below. And, to be honest, you'll have to do it from time to time. The problem is that players have noticed a strange anomaly: Scrabble often features words that are alien to the English-speaking community. That's why don't be surprised if you stumble upon Japanese, Chinese or maybe even Tamil words you've never heard in your life before.

However, the strongest part of this entry is that it has multiplayer: both local and online. So despite having obscure words on the menu, you can enjoy a Scrabble session with your friends just like in good old pre-Android days.

Is it worth replaying? 6.5/10

Scrabble does suffer from obnoxious ads and strange word choices. But it's almost the same treasured game, which probably made your family gather together nearly every Saturday evening. So it's pretty enjoyable when played casually.

Bottom Line

Scrabble is a classic game that fits conveniently in your pocket, allowing you to enjoy it wherever you go. Whether it's a sense of nostalgia that draws you in, a desire to enhance your cognitive skills and vocabulary, or simply a way to pass the time, Scrabble is ready to provide you with that experience.


  • Famous game adaptation
  • Multiplayer
  • Score sharing
  • Teacher feature


  • Too many obscure words
  • Instable performance
  • Abundance of ads
  • Takes too much time to load
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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