Microsoft Word: Write, Edit & Share Docs on the Go

Microsoft Word is an application that was created by Microsoft Corporation for people who need to create or edit numerous text documents. The app allows you to type anything you want and save it in the .docx, .doc, .dot, formats. You can select other formats in the app settings. There are many versions of Microsoft Word for PC, but developers ported the app for mobile device and regularly update the mobile version by improving the interface and adding new features. More than 1 billion users installed the application on their devices.


Microsoft Word offers users to edit the text in many possible ways. First of all, users can select any font, change its size, and highlight the required words with any possible color. In addition, you can download fonts from the Internet. If you need, you can also add different photos that are stored locally on your device. Users can save the documents on their computers, phones, cloud accounts. You can also instantly print the document by tapping the “Print” button.

Microsoft Word functions are the same for all platforms, but there are some barely noticeable changes in the interface. For example, if you use the application on mobile devices, you may not see every available feature at once. You have to open certain sections in order to find the required option. You can find the required page or even phrase, by typing related words in the “Search” section. 


First of all, you can download Microsoft Word application for iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows platforms. The application has the same features on all platforms. You can easily edit, create, and share the documents with others. To install the app on iOS device, your iOS version should be 12.0 or later. If you want to download it for Android, the 6.0 or up Android version required. There are many Microsoft Word versions for PC. Each version has almost identical interface, but the newest application may work incorrectly on old computers.

Usually, the application works great. It does not lag, but sometimes (especially on mobile devices), the app may incorrectly show the downloaded documents. It may happen because the document was created on PC and later was ported to the mobile version of the app. The issue is very rare, and it should not be critical for you.

We should mention that you can download Microsoft Word for free. There are no payable features in this application, but you can purchase Microsoft Office 365, which provides users with OneDrive account with 1TB memory on it. All the Microsoft applications (such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, etc.) will be updated automatically.

Summary 4.5/5

Microsoft Word is a free application, which provides users with an opportunity to create and edit multiple text documents. All the features are free to use, the interface may seem complicated after you start the app, but you will get used to it very quickly. You can download Microsoft Word for many popular platforms. We recommend you to download Microsoft Word.


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