Staying at home does not mean you can’t have fun. Call your friends and organize a fun party without actually leaving the house. You will receive alerts once all your friends will be ready to join you. This social network is available on the Android mobile platform.


Houseparty provides you with the split-screen where you can be joined by your friends. You may see everyone at the same time, make jokes and have fun. The app is popular among users due to its incredible features. Check out the options that Houseparty offer:

  • The app sends you notifications when your friends are waiting for you and ready to start the conversation;
  • Your friends will receive the same notification whenever you’ll want to talk to them;
  • All you need is to open the app and join the meeting with others;
  • When a friend is in the app you can make a call;
  • The conversation can be improved with numerous stickers, emoji, and even games. You can change the scenery behind you and arrange some funny activities altogether;
  • The app allows rotating the camera and choosing the different angle;
  • It is up to you who you want to invite to the conversation. You may secure your privacy in one simple move.


You have to pass a quick registration process after you download the app. It is simple and does not require any additional knowledge. You may add your picture or use the one that is in your profile. The app can be connected to your contacts on the phone so you would not have to search twice for your friends. The icons are not signed or explained. Some users can find it really problematic at the beginning, but after a few hours in chat, you will learn how to use the app. All the main tools are in the bar below the video.


This app was created for active young people who want to talk with each other without spending much time on looking for the instructions. It is simple and intuitive. After you download the app you can check out your possibilities or just quickly ask all your friends to join you in the chat. It is more fun to learn the app altogether. The main tools are in the upper and below bars. You will see numerous emojis that you can pick. There are not many visuals in the app, which allows you to concentrate on your friends’ faces and the conversation with them.

Grade 4/5

Houseparty is one of the funniest and creative apps for face-to-face talks in real-time. This is an app for friends who want to have fun together while being far away from each other. You may find that the app offers numerous attractions, and some of them are not available for free. However, you can skip in-app purchases, and concentrate on chatting with your friends. The app is available on the Android mobile platform.


  • Instant notifications when friends are in chat
  • High-security level
  • Fun games
  • Numerous emoji that can cheer anyone up
  • Free of charge in its basic version


  • The app requires a strong Internet connection
  • You will have to learn your options in the app
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